About Alexander Zagniotov

My name is Alexander Zagniotov and I reside in Melbourne, Australia. These days I am working for ThoughtWorks as a software engineer. Some of my interests are J2EE, Java and Open Source technologies in general. Apart from being a geek and being passionate about it, I really love pencil sketching, Wing Chun, Big Bang Theory sitcom and spending time with my family.

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Comprehensive Google Map Plugin v8.0.4

Comprehensive Google Map Plugin v8.0.4 is out!

PLEASE UPDATE to version 8.0.4

Few UI fixes and an enhancement:
Add end-user’s current GPS location to the map! Useful for end-users that want to find directions from their current location to map’s markers (This feature will function in browsers supporting the W3C Geolocation API. This excludes Internet Explorer versions 8 and older)