Java and Those Frameworks

I came across an interesting article that discusses today’s application developers making extensive use of different frameworks in their applications.

This is the writer’s opinion:

…Todays projects are over bloated from the use of frameworks that dont really produce a real benefit. Developers spend around 75% of their time just on set up and configuration…

The question I would like to ask you dear readers:
Do todays application developers really exaggerate the use of frameworks?

I think it would be a difficult question to answer. First some clarification is needed – what is exaggeration really? The number of frameworks used or the reduced performance as a result of use of these framework? Or the amount of time developer spends on installation and configuration?

I think first as a developer, one must understand the pros and cons of the framework, and how will it affect the performance of the application to be designed. The developer must have clear idea about what is he trying to achieve by using a particular framework in his application, and whether the framework is going to give him the desired result.

As a developer, when designing an application, one may ask questions which framework should be used depending on application’s requirements. Often the will not be just one framework choice, but several frameworks.

Of course not every developer may face the same situation mentioned above. Proprietary developers rely on leading market software vendors to provide the necessary solutions in one big product bundle.

One has to take several things into account such as future enhancements and possible requirements changes by the client. Using several frameworks to support an application may be look exaggerated at start, but on the long run it may turn out as a better decision. The time spent at the start on initial framework configuration will be paid off during further implementation and maintenance.

In conclusion, I think the ability to know which framework to put for use and when, can come only with experience.

Substance and Flamingo

Today, I came across these two projects today: one called Substance (Java look & feel) and the other called Flamingo (UI components). These projects designed and maintained by Kirill Grouchnikov.

You can read Kirill’s blog, he talks about the latest releases. Also, there are few examples available. For example you can check out this Substance features example.

I was quite impressed – looks damn nice.

US Elections

Barack Obama has won the election. It makes me kind of happy – I was hoping for either Obama or Hilary (when she was still in the race) to win. Why?

Honestly speaking I do not show much interest in US politics. Having said that, I was interested to see first African-American president or first woman president. Only 50 years ago, US was dealing with race issues, and now they have their first African-American president.

Its a new chapter in US history, they have really come a long way.

Are You Right or Left Brained?

I found this picture on one of the blogs. If you look at the dancing girl and you see her spinning clockwise, then you are using your right side of your brain. If you see her spinning counter clockwise, then you are using your left side of your brain.

Dancing girl - are you using more your left side brain or your right side brain?

Dancing girl - are you using more your left side brain or your right side brain?

The link that I mentioned previously to the post where I got the image from, also has a table that explains what left and right brain sides are responsible for.

It took me couple of minutes to train my self to see her spinning in different directions. What I do is, I look at the reflection of her foot, and then I can easily “make” the girl to spin in another direction within seconds. Interesting :)

How about you?